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October 29, 2014

ASUS PB278Q 27-Inch WQHD LED-lit Professional Graphics Monitor

ASUS PB278Q 27-Inch WQHD LED-lit Professional Graphics MonitorThe PB278Q is another WQHD screen that’s extraordinary for gaming. The photo high quality on this child is as impressive as the QNIX display above yet without every one of the frills connected to the last. It has a PLS panel (which is exceptional to most other panels and also equal to the IPS, to start with) AND it has the capacity of displaying a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440.

The very best part of all is that if you would add on the WQHD modern technology to achieve a 1440p resolution, the graphics high quality will be unparalled as well as that’s precisely just what you’ll have the ability to obtain with the ASUS PB278Q.


The downsides of this display are very easy. (You don’t really require AA for 1440p anyhow) Tune down the shadows and structure quality by a little, and also you may accomplish a commendable 50.

Also then, the optimum revitalize price possible on this screen is only 60 Hz, instead of the 120 or 144 Hz that can be attained within specific TN paneled monitors, which is exactly what you should be trying for if you create on using your monitor for video gaming mostly.


Basically, the Asus PB278Q is on-par with the QNIX Q2710, otherwise for the truth that it’s a trouble to have to handle the lack of warranty support when it come to the QNIX (Korean supplier). Admittedly, the price of the Asus ($566) is dramatically much more pricey as compared to the QNIX ($338). Think about it as a costs for the guarantee that your screen will be without problems.

XOTIC Executioner Gaming PC assessment

XOTIC Executioner

XOTIC Executioner

Pros of XOTIC Executioner Gaming PC :

Larger is much better, and also the hard disks, solid-state drives, graphics cards and processors are all beefy, powerful factors to the success of this gaming device.


Fluid air conditioning isn’t really a basic function on any type of model, so you’ll need to upgrade if you wish to keep your processor chip cool.

The Verdict: The Executioner slaughters the competition. Nothing else gaming PC could as compare to the number of specs, alternatives and upgrades available.

The XOTIC Executioner makes also the latest everyday PCs appear like dinosaurs, it’s that’s powerful. Not just can you tailor the processors, graphics cards and also disk drives, you can turn the exterior into a masterpiece. With around 20 different body alternatives, elaborate inside as well as exterior lights and also see-through cooling devices, you could polish as well as tailor this machine to match your preference perfectly. This sophisticated video gaming PC gains our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award for adjustable quality of just the very best functions. Quite few of the most effective gaming PCs have every single element available in abundance within the Executioner.

With every new video game release, the graphics acquire an increasing number of brilliant, complicated as well as magnificent. Don’t miss out on out on those superb 3D visuals by sticking with a run-of-the-mill graphics card. For starters, the AMD Radeon HD 7850 with 2GB of GDDR5 memory is included in the base design. The best graphics card, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan, is an upgradeable alternative if you want the very best animation screen feasible. Numerous various cards are provided, so if you have a cost roofing or a favored brand, there’s something for every person.

The finest video gaming computers are, leading and also first, customizable according to your gaming practices and also computing demands. You could select from 3 operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8 and also Linux. If you’re most fired up about or more comfortable with any specific device, it’s affordable and also easy to switch over from the Windows 7 default.

Processor and also storage space

Don’t cut corners on the processor if you’re going to make the leap to a great video gaming PC. You’ll need something quick and also effective to run extensive games without lag or filling times. The finest gaming desktop computers have the most up to date processor chips and as much speed as possible. An AMD FD-8350 is the default option in the base design and has 4.0 GHz of speed. The upgradeable AMD FX-9370 performs at 4.4 GHz and also the Intel i7-4770K at 3.9 GHz, both amazing options. If you really want a budget gaming PC, degradation is an alternative also, and there are lots of more affordable processor chips to employ from.

Hard disk drives are not all created equivalent. Tough disk drives, 500GB to 4TB depending upon the Executioner design, have moving parts that make them slower and even more vulnerable to harm. They are, nonetheless, less costly and also have considerably higher capabilities compared to their solid-state counterparts. Solid-state drives, from 120-960GB in the Executioner, are strong, without moving parts. They’re far more dependable and much faster, yet have less storage space for a greater rate. You do have the flexibility to install one, 2 or 3 hard disks in any sort of mix as well as size, which is a wonderful bonus offer in the Executioner series.


Regardless of which of the numerous framework you choose, each design is really virtually remarkable. On the base design you could expect at least eight 2.0 and 2 3.0 USB ports, HDMI and also DVI ports, and a memory card reader. Some designs are just follower cooled, but including liquefied air conditioning during the modification process is simple, and several liquid-cooling systems are affordable.

Great video gaming computers like the Executioner need enormous quantities of power to deal with upgrades as well as various other juice-hungry elements. 600 watts is the included power supply, but 1,500 is likewise a choice if you need more power for your air conditioner. When you’re not gaming, use the Executioner to watch films on Blu-ray or DVD. On the base model, the included optical drive is DVD, yet each model has a Blu-ray upgrade or double optical drive alternatives. It’s also conventional on select devices.

If the in of your gaming COMPUTER looks this impressive, you’ll absolutely wish to reveal it off. With internal lighting, LED-lighted fans and also an easy-access side-opening door, this video gaming device masters being both functional as well as visually kindlying.

Support and also aid

Not only is there a three-year warranty included, you can additionally update to a complete 6 years of insurance coverage, the most we’ve seen for a gaming COMPUTER throughout our testimonial procedure. XOTIC gives life time labor as well as life time technical assistance. There are also FAQs, an excellent individual forum and also driver downloads to keep you and your video gaming desktop computer up on the newest modern technology and also running efficiently.

XOTIC Executioner Summary:

Although the Executioner is a spending plan video gaming COMPUTER, at heart it’s truly a high-end gaming COMPUTER. All of the components function flawlessly well together, whether you stick with the stock choices or upgrade to more powerful attributes. As remarkable as this machine is on the inside, the outside is absolutely nothing to scoff at– this is one gorgeous equipment.

Cohesion XP 11.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman – Video Gaming Chair

Cohesion XP 11.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman

Cohesion XP 11.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman


This cleverly developed, stylish looking video gaming chair resembles an Ottoman and has a range of advanced features such as:.

– Integrateded FM wireless.
– Earphone jack and bass.
– Integrated subwoofer and speakers.
– It has a 3 stations audio function, with an LED sign allowing you understand which you are on.
– An elegant easy touch control board that has the on / off, volume, input / output ports.
In gaming method it appears like a regular chair, yet the moment you are done, it folds to appear like an Ottoman and fits right in with the remainder of the furniture and occupies little space in any way.
It is multifunctional and deals with all your gaming consoles such as your, Xbox, Wii, DVD gamer, Playstation, ipad, mp3 players, tablet computers and mobile mobile phones making use of RCA cords. And anything else that works on audio cords.
It has a shaking alternative and RF receiver.

Why you should choose Cohesion XP 11.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman:

This Gaming Chair is among the most advanced, comfortable, beautifully created video gaming chairs on the market today, styled like the seat of a high end cars yet folds up down and closes to look specifically like an Ottoman and it looks terrific in any sort of area, as it suits as a normal furniture piece.
No need for manuals or devices when it involves the setting up, as it comes fully put together when bought.
This video gaming chair is quite pleasantly cushioned with a soft artificial black leather-made product. In its gaming method, this gaming chair is perfect for hours of gaming and it takes video gaming to an entire new level, at the exact same time it is additionally wonderful for viewing and unwinding television, considering that you could stretch your legs out as it stretches out like a foot feces.
When gaming, it has a contoured elegant comfortable fit with a sense of surround sound.


This gaming chair sadly has a couple of minor troubles such as: When it is opened as a gaming chair it is very reduced to the ground and regrettably some folks locate that this video gaming chair is not truly fit for an average size expanded man, since the rear of the chair is not quite steadily built despite the fact that this chair is sized for a grownup.

Solutions to the height cons:

One of the consumers who got this gaming chair has resolved the elevation issue, by getting ‘Slipstick CB511 2-Inch Riser Gripper’ which obtains screwed down of the chair and it raises the chair about an inch and afterwards they likewise purchased ‘Raise Its Black 8 Pack’ to place underneath the ‘Slipstick’, which increased it an additional inch.