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XOTIC Executioner video gaming computer assessment

Bigger is a lot better, as well as the tough drives, solid-state drives, graphics cards and also campus are all husky, highly effective contributors to the success of this gaming PC under 500Disadvantages
Fluid cooling isn’t really a conventional attribute on any kind of design, so you’ll need to upgrade if you wish to continue your processor chip cool.

XOTIC Executioner

XOTIC Executioner

The Verdict: The Executioner butchers the competition. Not one other video gaming COMPUTER could contrast to the variety of specifications, options as well as upgrades readily available.

This advanced video gaming PC makes our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award for the adjustable quality of only the ideal features. Very few of the best video gaming PCs have each and also every part available in abundance within the Executioner.

With every brand-new video game release, the graphics get even more and also more dazzling, complicated and also sensational. Don’t lose out on those exceptional 3D visuals by sticking to a run-of-the-mill graphics card. For starters, the AMD Radeon HD 7850 with 2GB of GDDR5 memory consists of in the base version. The utmost graphics card, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan, is an upgradeable option if you wish the ideal computer animation display feasible. Several various cards are offered, so if you have a rate roof or a favorite brand, there’s something for everybody.

The most effective video gaming computer systems are, leading and also initial, adjustable based on your video gaming routines as well as calculating requirements. You could pick from 3 running systems: Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Linux. If you’re most fired up concerning or more comfy with any certain device, it’s very easy and also low-cost to change from the Windows 7 default.

Processor and also storage

Do not skimp on the processor chip if you’re going to make the leap to an excellent gaming PC. You’ll require something fast as well as effective to run extensive video games without lag or packing times. The very best video gaming desktops have the current processor chips and as much speed as feasible. An AMD FD-8350 is the default choice in the base version as well as has 4.0 GHz of rate. The upgradeable AMD FX-9370 runs at 4.4 GHz and the Intel i7-4770K at 3.9 GHz, both extraordinary alternatives. If you desire a budget plan gaming PC, downgrading is a choice too, and there are lots of less costly processors to select from.Hard disks are not all developed equivalent. Tough disk drives, 500GB to 4TB relying on the Executioner model, have moving parts that make them slower and even more at risk to damages. They are, nevertheless, more affordable as well as have considerably higher abilities than their solid-state equivalents. Solid-state drives, from 120-960GB in the Executioner, are solid, without any relocating components. They’re a lot a lot more dependable and quicker, but have much less storeroom for a greater price. You do have the flexibility to set up one, 2 or three hard disk drives in any sort of combination as well as size, which is a wonderful reward in the Executioner series.


No concern which of the numerous chassis you like, each design is extremely nearly flawless. On the base model you could anticipate at the very least 8 2.0 and also two 3.0 USB ports, HDMI and also DVI ports, and a memory card reader. Some models are only fan cooled down, yet including liquid cooling during the customization process is simple, as well as several liquid-cooling systems are affordable.Great video gaming computer systems like the Executioner need enormous amounts of power to handle upgrades as well as various other juice-hungry parts. 600 watts is the included power supply, yet 1,500 is likewise an alternative if you require even more power for your unit. When you’re not video gaming, make use of the Executioner to view motion pictures on Blu-ray or DVD. On the base model, the included optical drive is DVD, however each design has a Blu-ray upgrade or twin optical drive choices. It’s even common on select devices.You’ll most definitely really want to reveal it off if the in of your gaming COMPUTER looks this remarkable. With internal lighting, LED-lighted followers as well as an easy-access side-opening door, this video gaming device succeeds in being both practical and also visually pleasing.

Help and also sustain

Not simply is there a three-year guarantee consisted of, you can also update to a full 6 years of coverage, the most we’ve seen for a video gaming COMPUTER throughout our testimonial process. XOTIC gives lifetime labor as well as lifetime technological support. There are likewise FAQs, an exceptional customer online forum as well as vehicle driver downloads to continue you and also your video gaming desktop up on the most current technology and running efficiently.

XOTIC Executioner Summary:

Although the Executioner is a spending plan gaming PC, at heart it’s actually a high-end video gaming COMPUTER. Every one of the elements works effortlessly well together, whether you stick to the stock options or upgrade to a lot more highly effective attributes. Likewise, as impressive as this machine is on the within, the exterior is nothing to discount— this is one attractive machine.

Alienware X51 video gaming computer assessment

While it’s a slim tower
model, the Alienware X51 provides a full-sized graphics card so you don’t lose out on your favored 3D functions.

The mini
model will certainly have limited updating capabilities.

Alienware X51

Alienware X51

The Verdict: Affordable and also little, the Alienware X51 functions well for a more traditional gamer which won’t have to update.

You could believe you require to give up a great deal of features to acquire a smaller device if a tiny room is one of your major problems. The Alienware X51 is mighty for its mini dimension as well as functions well for the popular player who does not really need to update to a best Gaming PC overĀ $500

The graphics are the highlight for the Alienware X51, also if its little dimension has you fooled. It’s equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 645 graphic card, which you could easily upgrade to a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670. With 1GB to 2 GB of visuals memory and also 1,344 stream processor chips, it’s clear that you’re not giving up element for design when it pertains to graphics abilities.

On one hand, the Alienware X51 is a budget video gaming COMPUTER that does not have as broad a range of upgrade capabilities as various other devices, but you’ll still have options. Starting with an Intel H61 base motherboard, do not hesitate to upgrade to an Intel H87. Your processor chip comes as an Intel i3-3220 yet could be upgraded to an Intel i7-4770 to further customize your play. While you will not have the ability to upgrade to a solid-state disk drive, the typical challenging disk drive runs from 1-2TB. And don’t bother with rate: The 3.3 GHz to 3.9 GHz processor is able to deal with graphics-heavy and also even fast-paced concept like several of the most effective video gaming PCs.

Some of the X51’s best features could be located among its concept components. Armed with six USB 2.0 ports and also 2 USB 3.0 ports, along with DVI as well as HDMI ports, you have a lot of area to connect and play. While the model is fan-cooled, it offers a 240- to 300-watt power supply and also a little 13.5 x12.52 x3.74 inch footprint.

Powered by Dell, the Alienware X51 also supplies good customer care using an one-year warranty, live talk and email support. All the required drivings could be downloaded online, and there are a lot of previous user FAQs to peruse as you start.

Alienware X51 Summary:.
While it
could not be optimal for the hard-core, customizable gaming encounter wanted by the pros, the Alienware X51 works well for those with little space, a middling budget plan and less wish to update. While you can enhance several of the parts, this equipment is a lot more about graphics as well as design.